Item collection 5bea3b7e 75b8 47fb 9bae ed7d4f84936f

handmade wedding bands -- hammered platinum rings with milgrain and diamonds


Item collection ce230646 adc1 4695 afa8 0f2972f897e2

delicate hammered milgrain wedding band -- hand forged platinum wedding ring


Item collection 40713185 b340 4312 89a3 da2886c61b9c

half bezel engagement ring -- diamond solitaire in rustic, hammered white gold


Item collection 50cf1d58 2cc8 414c 965b 289f3aeabcdb

matching platinum wedding band set with hammered finish, hand forged


Item collection c2556f6f e550 4779 be5a 0e86a800754f

handmade men's wedding ring -- hammered with milgrain


Item collection 1de6799b 9900 41c2 90d4 ad6c41e0f505

7mm white gold wedding band ~ hammered low dome wedding ring


Item collection a37d27c8 6bd1 4ed9 bde1 70dd26c256e1

men's wedding band -- 8mm hammered flat wedding ring


Item collection e11bd8af 882b 4d67 890e 45fa7480c40e

flush set diamond band / wedding band / artisan engagement ring


Item collection fd9bf539 d5be 4af9 be53 36b3d508c5d8

unique mens platinum wedding ring -- hammered platinum wedding band


Item collection 48ed38c8 8638 4296 8aae 91ee7c1cf3a3

hand beaten wedding band -- 6mm wedding ring in solid gold


Item collection 7bd5142b 6080 4331 8ea4 e9de628ad7a3

hammered gold ring -- 2.5mm wedding band for women, comfort fit


Item collection b02d088f 4624 401d 9048 747434ca1e5f

unique wedding ring -- hammered wedding band -- by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection 682f3ad9 da4b 4df9 86c8 2655b75a452d

4mm wedding ring -- white gold hammered wedding band


Item collection 19720933 3c0c 4a08 bbbf c48622e36c60

14k white gold wedding band / 6mm wedding ring for men


Item collection dd192e36 96f2 491f b25f e47a15363bb5

matching rose gold wedding bands / hammered wedding ring set


Item collection 1909ab7e 895f 47d9 95ce 61a395b363a6

18k yellow gold wedding band set -- his and hers hammered wedding rings


Item collection 628a0043 7793 4aa5 a714 2e7acc4844bc

18k palladium white gold wedding band set, hand hammered


Item collection d87f001d 1110 446f 9b4f 8d629e9eb50a

men's palladium white gold wedding ring -- 6mm wedding band, comfort fit


Item collection 3a7b05e8 6266 4f6d ac82 4b1e1ce6b394

4mm wedding band -- hammered, domed wedding ring


Item collection e6437641 b324 4c84 8938 66dd500c3d91

5mm two tone wedding band -- hammered two tone wedding ring


Item collection e5b8d1bf f3d9 4f5c 8069 509af31135ba

18k white gold wedding ring set, hammered with steps


Item collection ca13dbd7 32c8 411e 8394 567fbd577434

2mm platinum wedding band / stacking ring, hammered with matte finish


hand forged wedding bands & artisan engagement rings

All of our jewelry is hand crafted by Dan, a master goldsmith and gem setter, from recycled metals and conflict-free stones. We specialize in handmade wedding rings of platinum, palladium, 14k, 18k, 21k and 22k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Thank you for visiting Ravens' Refuge!