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handmade engagement ring -- low profile bezel diamond ring, eco friendly and organic


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men's platinum gold ring -- 8mm wide hammered platinum wedding band with 24k gold liner, hand forged


Item collection 0d402936 0232 4df1 8fa9 88a15fe00740

hammered white gold wedding band / 4mm wedding ring


Item collection bc1c20fc ca6c 44e9 90bb 0119b084695b

soft square wedding band -- 7mm men's hammered wedding ring


Item collection cac71819 c2ba 4a24 b74a f6a71586cfd5

18k gold wedding ring -- 3mm wedding band, hand hammered


Item collection 798602bf 1192 4996 a4a8 44a946dbb2d4

recycled gold stacking ring / wedding band, hand hammered


Item collection f2510563 f512 4d14 a9c2 758135a3cb83

2mm platinum wedding ring -- hammered wedding band


Item collection 9510c9dc b5e6 436e 93f1 975766a66498

flat wedding bands with hammered finish, 18k gold


Item collection b2e71f93 f55c 40e5 b2a0 610dd6d8dd54

thin hammered stacking ring in 14k recycled gold


Item collection 2627ccfd 3bf1 4378 a456 aec2bbca395e

4mm palladium white gold wedding band, hand forged, comfort fit


hand forged wedding bands & artisan engagement rings

All of our jewelry is hand crafted by Dan, a master goldsmith and gem setter, from recycled metals and conflict-free stones. We specialize in handmade wedding rings of platinum, palladium, 14k, 18k, 21k and 22k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Thank you for visiting Ravens' Refuge!