Item collection eb4a72d2 eca7 495b 963f ae85ed1c8d2a

4mm platinum and 24k gold ring -- classic wedding band with matte finish


Item collection 05b7c32f be73 4303 8b54 e67eda50681e

handmade engagement ring -- low profile bezel diamond ring, eco friendly and organic


Item collection 3feebcef fe93 4452 9eb0 044bf540a3f9

unique wedding band set -- two tone wedding rings with flush set rubies and recycled gold


Item collection 947dee9b 3329 4e40 8cef a8f5fbde16de

men's two tone wedding band in white gold and rose gold, artisan handmade


Item collection 7ac58bff d722 45a8 9618 d5b1675d46c8

handmade 18k two tone wedding band set -- matching gold rings


Item collection bb4d2543 f945 4f2b b176 f5f01cb87083

his and hers platinum and grey gold wedding ring set, artisan hand forged


Item collection 5067413c 7720 4064 977e 46c0ad422450

men's platinum gold ring -- 8mm wide hammered platinum wedding band with 24k gold liner, hand forged


Item collection 8fbc42eb f794 4c55 8222 4730c67c1ca1

hand hammered 22k gold men's band with platinum rails -- duo tone wedding ring


Item collection 72ea2a38 0ddd 4083 a95c 1ab0d53c35bb

thick rolling rings in 14k gold -- tri color Russian wedding band


Item collection e680b6b5 8a80 44a8 949b 664790a7af31

handmade two tone wedding band with beveled edges, satin finish


Item collection bbf91644 5a24 44fd a3ad 1acc274ced01

two tone wedding band set -- his and hers


Item collection 8a282b4e eeb7 45a4 ae57 f96339a665af

two tone wedding band with diamonds -- artisan handmade


Item collection e11bd8af 882b 4d67 890e 45fa7480c40e

flush set diamond band / wedding band / artisan engagement ring


Item collection fd9bf539 d5be 4af9 be53 36b3d508c5d8

unique mens platinum wedding ring -- hammered platinum wedding band


Item collection 78d1f803 60ee 4016 91e3 1999ba406083

classic platinum and rose gold wedding band set


Item collection b02d088f 4624 401d 9048 747434ca1e5f

unique wedding ring -- hammered wedding band -- by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection e6437641 b324 4c84 8938 66dd500c3d91

5mm two tone wedding band -- hammered two tone wedding ring


Item collection 39756b1f 0a20 4620 b41d 7640eb415757

unique white gold wedding ring with 18k yellow gold liner and rustic finish


Item collection e471aa38 759a 4e52 b0f6 443d71d9caa2

coil ring -- string ring -- spool wedding band, solid 14k gold


Item collection b2f8f127 815c 441b 865c c645dee59b9e

men's two tone wedding band with stepped edges


Item collection 46a26757 bc6a 463d 8567 6248e06f9b1a

tri-color wedding ring in recycled rose gold, white gold, & yellow gold


Item collection d7e8b752 9d79 43ab 831b f7b6abb4d6d9

two tone wedding band set with flush set diamonds


Item collection 2eb4bf73 7dd0 4bfd abf3 696857abed3b

hammered two tone wedding band set -- artisan handmade


hand forged wedding bands & artisan engagement rings

All of our jewelry is hand crafted by Dan, a master goldsmith and gem setter, from recycled metals and conflict-free stones. We specialize in handmade wedding rings of platinum, palladium, 14k, 18k, 21k and 22k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Thank you for visiting Ravens' Refuge!