Item collection eb4a72d2 eca7 495b 963f ae85ed1c8d2a

4mm platinum and 24k gold ring -- classic wedding band with matte finish


Item collection c45fb253 5555 4dd3 9fa7 a962067685aa

traditional platinum wedding band -- simple 5mm wedding ring for men or women


Item collection 379c81c7 4146 48eb a052 d2263c342e56

thick platinum wedding band for men -- comfort fit wedding ring, handmade and hand forged


Item collection c93b686c 2355 4689 8d6e 566f98ca2ec7

men's platinum band -- 8mm wedding ring with rustic hammered finish


Item collection 947dee9b 3329 4e40 8cef a8f5fbde16de

men's two tone wedding band in white gold and rose gold, artisan handmade


Item collection 66167412 7cbd 4bc8 9614 9f61fdc6e54d

dainty platinum ring -- simple full round wedding band for women


Item collection ab34228f 696f 4b05 9905 31f6a770515f

simple gold wedding bands -- basic matching wedding rings


Item collection 738dd78f 13ca 4f6a a40e 84ad6c779858

knife edge wedding band -- platinum with 24k gold liner and hammered edges -- men's 8mm band


Item collection 26a8719b 6d69 4300 ba76 51682d698cdd

handmade 18k gold rolling rings -- three interlocking bands -- Russian wedding ring


Item collection 0536f325 b795 4873 ac34 aa6b522b2326

rustic platinum wedding band -- 6mm men's wedding ring


Item collection 6772eb46 e15e 414e 99df c306a04f1db5

handmade artisan platinum wedding band -- 7mm men's ring with milgrain


Item collection 54816ebd d7af 46ac b42d f59b209aa3e9

6mm white gold wedding band with beveled edges, handmade


Item collection 7ac58bff d722 45a8 9618 d5b1675d46c8

handmade 18k two tone wedding band set -- matching gold rings


Item collection bb4d2543 f945 4f2b b176 f5f01cb87083

his and hers platinum and grey gold wedding ring set, artisan hand forged


Item collection 16a1df73 78e2 4ae2 ba67 d0f034f3f633

unique men's infinity band -- recycled gold wedding band, artisan handmade


Item collection ccd97f4a 77bc 494a aa8d b80a293ae55c

traditional wedding band -- simple handmade 21k gold ring


Item collection 090a6193 87be 4782 bec3 f2645569b43f

hand forged platinum pipe band -- 2.5mm wedding band


Item collection d8a8b2c5 1067 4c8d b5a0 9ae14c422f94

2mm rose gold wedding band -- faceted stacking ring


Item collection 72ea2a38 0ddd 4083 a95c 1ab0d53c35bb

thick rolling rings in 14k gold -- tri color Russian wedding band


Item collection 6c6e5b3e 9900 4926 b7cb 5054e37dd95d

men's comfort fit wedding band -- 6mm wedding ring with milgrain


Item collection 6488c87d b9db 4114 a6cc b88f1b6944e1

7mm wedding band -- men's wedding ring with milgrain & matte finish


Item collection 7984bd94 dfe3 49a8 9d19 20d0b8b4ba37

21k full round ring with textured finish -- wedding band by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection e680b6b5 8a80 44a8 949b 664790a7af31

handmade two tone wedding band with beveled edges, satin finish


Item collection 8013c914 27d5 4083 a356 8c745cadd3bc

his and hers wedding bands, knife edge and faceted profiles, in rose gold, white gold or yellow gold


Item collection 8a51205a b58a 47ac aed9 84ea75bfe08f

simple platinum wedding band -- flat wedding ring -- 4mm wedding band


Item collection 30bd76da 6875 462a 9bb3 42ce11371988

men's wedding band -- 7mm ergonomic wedding ring, recycled gold


Item collection b5698159 5a42 472e b4a0 edb168eefa29

classic wedding band set -- simple matching wedding rings


Item collection 31a7b5f8 3ada 4825 901b 0667c95030f4

18k rose gold wedding band / full round wedding ring, apricot gold


Item collection a8e20583 c6d9 4dcb 95a0 fca11b065eaa

2mm wedding ring -- simple domed wedding band in 21k gold


Item collection 403eb756 9312 43e0 9acd 36ace47caa18

3mm platinum wedding band with milgrain -- flat wedding ring, handmade


Item collection aa38be17 bb57 4a87 b448 26f540d9a666

simple square cut wedding band -- 6mm gold pipe cut wedding ring


Item collection feedd03b 613e 433c 9f2a d6830b0b0e79

6mm men's milgrain wedding band, comfort fit, hand forged


Item collection ead17292 fe83 4063 a221 20e99fe50581

2mm women's wedding ring with delicate milgrain


Item collection 96c22d11 2d9d 4517 8c23 d800e501e10b

faceted gold ring -- 3mm wedding band in recycled 18k gold


Item collection b17e7c79 4914 4269 8f40 c1bb7ee9098f

3mm wedding ring -- simple flat wedding band in recycled gold


Item collection 78d1f803 60ee 4016 91e3 1999ba406083

classic platinum and rose gold wedding band set


Item collection e66f4a57 534b 4474 8a8a 7df5726e0719

classic gold wedding ring -- 3mm flat wedding band, handmade in 18k


Item collection fde43133 632a 4c92 9b95 949e56ce6a98

classic 4mm wedding band / comfort fit wedding ring, handmade


Item collection 7f7ec192 e97a 45a7 8333 e0ba5ac181df

platinum full round wedding ring -- 2.5mm full round wedding band


Item collection e83696fe 935b 4d09 8515 04d603da12e4

flat gold wedding band with brushed finish -- 4mm wedding ring


Item collection 70edcccf 349a 47f3 bf9c 1117a79747c0

domed wedding ring for women, 2mm high dome band, artisan made


Item collection 8c9d119c 7ec4 426e b966 51d0059159f8

thin platinum wedding band -- skinny 1.5mm platinum wedding ring


Item collection 51a3eacc 1cb1 4838 89bd a6a268a95c1b

flat platinum wedding band set -- simple platinum wedding rings


Item collection d7de5b7b 1a77 40be b14f a8962239a5cb

infinity wedding band -- unique wedding ring in recycled gold


Item collection fa837a19 236a 402a a03b 58b603cef770

flat wedding band in 14k gold -- 5mm wedding ring for men or women


Item collection 37ee96b1 2126 4ca8 8d08 5b718653bb46

delicate platinum wedding ring with milgrain -- 1.5mm wedding band


Item collection bd81cd00 bc99 4870 9860 a569a1e36db7

men's knife edge wedding band -- 5mm wedding ring, comfort fit


Item collection e5d3f1b2 bef5 4390 bf26 81a6ff8c56bb

custom wedding band -- 4mm wedding ring for men or women


Item collection a6407164 4ed1 4061 85e4 31a5569c1f9e

women's platinum wedding ring with diamonds, handmade


Item collection 4423606d 69f8 45a1 a362 c406a02af5c7

2.5mm platinum wedding band -- domed wedding ring


Item collection b7073dbf dd02 49a8 821b 6d0ab0419a4b

6mm wedding band -- faceted platinum wedding ring for men


Item collection 8f0cdb61 01de 4b62 849d 46586a688879

classic platinum wedding ring -- 3mm domed wedding band


Item collection 525ca3de b4f4 4ed3 96f5 d78b97e9ec9a

dainty platinum wedding band with milgrain


Item collection dfa22f09 70ba 43a2 a32b 24e8499ef710

palladium diamond wedding band for men, comfort fit


Item collection b6cfb0d5 4fa0 4e40 83c9 02f4376c035a

5mm classic half round wedding band / traditional wedding ring


Item collection 04110211 70d9 4100 9984 453954e33429

handmade bezel set diamond palladium wedding ring set


Item collection ffee51c0 50a9 4c3d 88de 71b98e450e1f

chunky rolling rings -- Russian wedding bands -- hand forged in 14k rose gold


Item collection add0b929 bc5c 4972 89a7 3a964e1b1c57

his and hers white gold wedding rings / simple wedding bands


Item collection 46a26757 bc6a 463d 8567 6248e06f9b1a

tri-color wedding ring in recycled rose gold, white gold, & yellow gold


Item collection 44b2775f 5a82 45bd be94 a890afbb516c

faceted platinum wedding ring / 2mm wedding band for women


hand forged wedding bands & artisan engagement rings

All of our jewelry is hand crafted by Dan, a master goldsmith and gem setter, from recycled metals and conflict-free stones. We specialize in handmade wedding rings of platinum, palladium, 14k, 18k, 21k and 22k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Thank you for visiting Ravens' Refuge!