Item collection 3b9e076c 3c0f 4c65 9e5c a8fd79dd3ed7

baguette anniversary band -- flush set baguette eternity ring, artisan handmade


Item collection 05b7c32f be73 4303 8b54 e67eda50681e

handmade engagement ring -- low profile bezel diamond ring, eco friendly and organic


Item collection 4eae41aa 999d 4af0 b395 109b6dd17db2

platinum baguette wedding band -- channel set diamond ring


Item collection 045f1dce 263d 4165 b7b7 f3607f1ca811

hand forged engagement ring -- bezel diamond platinum mobius ring


Item collection 2f105dab 8fab 4b59 ac72 4e7c2bfce2be

baguette wedding ring with milgrain / low profile engagement ring, handmade


Item collection 40713185 b340 4312 89a3 da2886c61b9c

half bezel engagement ring -- diamond solitaire in rustic, hammered white gold


Item collection 309cbe9c dd4c 4940 81b1 0749628173a4

hand fabricated engagement ring -- wide, hammered platinum ring with bezel sapphire


Item collection 45003f9e f7dc 4116 bf66 2a64b3f9b2f9

hand forged stirrup ring with ruby -- Gothic style engagement ring


Item collection 05fed581 9fc3 49b6 99e6 feb8e9f32dc9

marquise and round diamond wedding band / eternity ring with milgrain


Item collection 5b977622 5e83 4a26 b90c fa9c99fe2615

eco friendly engagement ring with conflict free asscher cut diamond, bezel set


Item collection ad428da8 8e1a 47f7 835c 462dee71cda2

diamond bezel engagement ring with waterfall hammered band


Item collection b236c3cf 82e1 408e b652 1f9813845081

unique bubble engagement ring -- bezel diamond ring by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection 02413e90 770a 4c61 8c92 090a6c8e84e8

trillion denim sapphire ring


Item collection 84c59f5c ad19 420a 992a 23a05c3a6e2a

diamond platinum wedding ring / eternity band with milgrain borders


Item collection 8a282b4e eeb7 45a4 ae57 f96339a665af

two tone wedding band with diamonds -- artisan handmade


Item collection e11bd8af 882b 4d67 890e 45fa7480c40e

flush set diamond band / wedding band / artisan engagement ring


Item collection 7b2af859 155e 4edb a9df d87c4230c013

unique artisan engagement ring with bezel set diamond


Item collection daf6cf4a 53f6 4df1 8476 0ebb746abd62

hammered diamond engagement ring -- by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection a02cf466 9606 4520 bac9 85f409d2c849

garnet ring, handmade in sterling silver


Item collection bb04fade 17c0 44c0 a915 17127a494cdf

blue sapphire half eternity band - wavy stacking ring in white gold


Item collection 49c9927f 28e3 4366 b65f becc76d84a4c

gold snake ring with rubies or sapphires -- handcrafted


Item collection 99e06056 12d1 4b1e b1d0 7cb23a8062cf

hammered gold ring with diamonds -- hammered diamond wedding band


Item collection 67fb85a3 2563 4919 b9e0 fc400a76f004

aquamarine bezel ring, artisan handmade


Item collection e471aa38 759a 4e52 b0f6 443d71d9caa2

coil ring -- string ring -- spool wedding band, solid 14k gold


Item collection dfa22f09 70ba 43a2 a32b 24e8499ef710

palladium diamond wedding band for men, comfort fit


Item collection 04110211 70d9 4100 9984 453954e33429

handmade bezel set diamond palladium wedding ring set


Item collection ee0295da 820d 4f0f 8372 41f3d2e3dace

handmade diamond engagement ring -- artisan handcrafted


Item collection 13af9c6a de2b 4b5a ab11 443f25b71eea

hammered wedding band with diamonds -- by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection 49004bb1 cd24 4cf3 affb 295854e045d9

unique channel-set half eternity band in 18k gold


Item collection 71e80f29 bdf8 4a19 9681 00809d98d26b

artisan handmade diamond engagement ring -- conflict free diamond and recycled gold


hand forged wedding bands & artisan engagement rings

All of our jewelry is hand crafted by Dan, a master goldsmith and gem setter, from recycled metals and conflict-free stones. We specialize in handmade wedding rings of platinum, palladium, 14k, 18k, 21k and 22k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Thank you for visiting Ravens' Refuge!