Item collection dd192e36 96f2 491f b25f e47a15363bb5

matching rose gold wedding bands / hammered wedding ring set


Item collection 1909ab7e 895f 47d9 95ce 61a395b363a6

18k yellow gold wedding band set -- his and hers hammered wedding rings


Item collection 51a3eacc 1cb1 4838 89bd a6a268a95c1b

flat platinum wedding band set -- simple platinum wedding rings


Item collection 75c9ad6a b2c7 406a 8be6 c38149fefea3

men's wedding band, square shape, in recycled gold with comfort fit


Item collection bc1c20fc ca6c 44e9 90bb 0119b084695b

soft square wedding band -- 7mm men's hammered wedding ring


Item collection cac71819 c2ba 4a24 b74a f6a71586cfd5

18k gold wedding ring -- 3mm wedding band, hand hammered


Item collection 628a0043 7793 4aa5 a714 2e7acc4844bc

18k palladium white gold wedding band set, hand hammered


Item collection 657f5396 48ee 4a48 9b09 8c76b5d918f9

organic wedding band -- faceted wedding ring in 21k gold


Item collection fd297f45 cea5 4b0c bcf3 0de1edd95b04

9mm wedding band / pounded rose gold wedding ring


Item collection 28023a8e fe4f 4df7 a39a 6d6f65c2f245

hammered bangle -- handmade white gold bracelet -- hand forged from scratch


Item collection 341fc0aa 4831 437f b7b7 b479b3e7e70f

unique wedding band -- eco friendly wedding ring with hammered finish


Item collection d87f001d 1110 446f 9b4f 8d629e9eb50a

men's palladium white gold wedding ring -- 6mm wedding band, comfort fit


Item collection 5c3b4fe5 d868 4967 a7dc 6a192cc2cba2

6mm men's wedding band -- faceted gold wedding ring, comfort fit


Item collection d7de5b7b 1a77 40be b14f a8962239a5cb

infinity wedding band -- unique wedding ring in recycled gold


Item collection fa837a19 236a 402a a03b 58b603cef770

flat wedding band in 14k gold -- 5mm wedding ring for men or women


Item collection 49c9927f 28e3 4366 b65f becc76d84a4c

gold snake ring with rubies or sapphires -- handcrafted


Item collection 37ee96b1 2126 4ca8 8d08 5b718653bb46

delicate platinum wedding ring with milgrain -- 1.5mm wedding band


Item collection 798602bf 1192 4996 a4a8 44a946dbb2d4

recycled gold stacking ring / wedding band, hand hammered


Item collection bd81cd00 bc99 4870 9860 a569a1e36db7

men's knife edge wedding band -- 5mm wedding ring, comfort fit


Item collection 37a150b6 b08c 4859 be36 67f7eb5d8200

3mm hammered wedding band -- women's gold wedding ring


Item collection e5d3f1b2 bef5 4390 bf26 81a6ff8c56bb

custom wedding band -- 4mm wedding ring for men or women


Item collection d79ee401 545f 45e5 a2f5 5a319240eba8

men's curb link bracelet, solid gold -- artisan handmade


Item collection a6407164 4ed1 4061 85e4 31a5569c1f9e

women's platinum wedding ring with diamonds, handmade


Item collection 99e06056 12d1 4b1e b1d0 7cb23a8062cf

hammered gold ring with diamonds -- hammered diamond wedding band


Item collection 4423606d 69f8 45a1 a362 c406a02af5c7

2.5mm platinum wedding band -- domed wedding ring


Item collection 3a7b05e8 6266 4f6d ac82 4b1e1ce6b394

4mm wedding band -- hammered, domed wedding ring


Item collection f2510563 f512 4d14 a9c2 758135a3cb83

2mm platinum wedding ring -- hammered wedding band


Item collection af234a38 4dd6 4872 a777 9e233a95736c

5mm wedding band -- men's hammered gold wedding ring


Item collection b7073dbf dd02 49a8 821b 6d0ab0419a4b

6mm wedding band -- faceted platinum wedding ring for men


Item collection e6437641 b324 4c84 8938 66dd500c3d91

5mm two tone wedding band -- hammered two tone wedding ring


Item collection 39756b1f 0a20 4620 b41d 7640eb415757

unique white gold wedding ring with 18k yellow gold liner and rustic finish


Item collection 67fb85a3 2563 4919 b9e0 fc400a76f004

aquamarine bezel ring, artisan handmade


Item collection 9510c9dc b5e6 436e 93f1 975766a66498

flat wedding bands with hammered finish, 18k gold


Item collection 8f0cdb61 01de 4b62 849d 46586a688879

classic platinum wedding ring -- 3mm domed wedding band


Item collection e5b8d1bf f3d9 4f5c 8069 509af31135ba

18k white gold wedding ring set, hammered with steps


Item collection 9b19c8a9 8215 41b9 8ea8 dbedae233425

textured platinum wedding band set -- his and hers faceted wedding rings


Item collection 525ca3de b4f4 4ed3 96f5 d78b97e9ec9a

dainty platinum wedding band with milgrain


Item collection e471aa38 759a 4e52 b0f6 443d71d9caa2

coil ring -- string ring -- spool wedding band, solid 14k gold


Item collection dfa22f09 70ba 43a2 a32b 24e8499ef710

palladium diamond wedding band for men, comfort fit


Item collection f95d7038 90d0 4a2e 8aa7 44162f8ebdb3

hammered white gold wedding rings -- his and hers wedding band set


Item collection b2f8f127 815c 441b 865c c645dee59b9e

men's two tone wedding band with stepped edges


Item collection b6cfb0d5 4fa0 4e40 83c9 02f4376c035a

5mm classic half round wedding band / traditional wedding ring


Item collection 04110211 70d9 4100 9984 453954e33429

handmade bezel set diamond palladium wedding ring set


Item collection 4ba58c8e 6b2e 431e bca5 5c71941035f0

10mm wedding band / rustic wedding ring, hand forged


Item collection b2e71f93 f55c 40e5 b2a0 610dd6d8dd54

thin hammered stacking ring in 14k recycled gold


Item collection fbbfc247 c1f1 4c3d 9ce1 f778234a7b82

handcrafted textured wedding band / 6mm wedding ring with matte finish


Item collection ffee51c0 50a9 4c3d 88de 71b98e450e1f

chunky rolling rings -- Russian wedding bands -- hand forged in 14k rose gold


Item collection add0b929 bc5c 4972 89a7 3a964e1b1c57

his and hers white gold wedding rings / simple wedding bands


Item collection b7ddd54e cebc 47f1 bb95 c3e1966546c9

men's wedding band in 14k white gold -- hammered with stepped edges


Item collection ee0295da 820d 4f0f 8372 41f3d2e3dace

handmade diamond engagement ring -- artisan handcrafted


Item collection 46a26757 bc6a 463d 8567 6248e06f9b1a

tri-color wedding ring in recycled rose gold, white gold, & yellow gold


Item collection 4187bbd1 3454 4df6 ad0a 7037c3e59bd1

7mm rustic white gold wedding band with matte finish, comfort fit


Item collection 78945a64 943e 44f5 a3e7 5deecc37524a

22k gold wedding ring / textured wedding band


Item collection 13af9c6a de2b 4b5a ab11 443f25b71eea

hammered wedding band with diamonds -- by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection f5525c13 f612 4a66 bd01 9a959ec3034a

rugged white gold wedding band / hammered wedding ring


Item collection d7e8b752 9d79 43ab 831b f7b6abb4d6d9

two tone wedding band set with flush set diamonds


Item collection 44b2775f 5a82 45bd be94 a890afbb516c

faceted platinum wedding ring / 2mm wedding band for women


Item collection f94fcff3 c54c 4b79 8543 be22872eb487

rustic wedding rings -- organic wedding bands -- handmade


Item collection 2eb4bf73 7dd0 4bfd abf3 696857abed3b

hammered two tone wedding band set -- artisan handmade


Item collection c3ca2e05 ca2e 4aba a29e 51f8db2b0d35

curvy platinum wedding band -- hand hammered and hand forged


hand forged wedding bands & artisan engagement rings

All of our jewelry is hand crafted by Dan, a master goldsmith and gem setter, from recycled metals and conflict-free stones. We specialize in handmade wedding rings of platinum, palladium, 14k, 18k, 21k and 22k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Thank you for visiting Ravens' Refuge!