Item collection 02413e90 770a 4c61 8c92 090a6c8e84e8

trillion denim sapphire ring


Item collection fb01ccab 2e89 4831 bec5 2722559a1e77

mens comfort fit wedding band -- 5mm hammered wedding ring


Item collection c54db40f d0dc 4ca9 8f3e e0b59084622b

waterfall wedding band in 18k palladium white gold, comfort fit ring for men or women


Item collection bbf91644 5a24 44fd a3ad 1acc274ced01

two tone wedding band set -- his and hers


Item collection 30bd76da 6875 462a 9bb3 42ce11371988

men's wedding band -- 7mm ergonomic wedding ring, recycled gold


Item collection 84c59f5c ad19 420a 992a 23a05c3a6e2a

diamond platinum wedding ring / eternity band with milgrain borders


Item collection a37d27c8 6bd1 4ed9 bde1 70dd26c256e1

men's wedding band -- 8mm hammered flat wedding ring


Item collection b5698159 5a42 472e b4a0 edb168eefa29

classic wedding band set -- simple matching wedding rings


Item collection 31a7b5f8 3ada 4825 901b 0667c95030f4

18k rose gold wedding band / full round wedding ring, apricot gold


Item collection bf49b3bd 893f 4cf3 8406 32432b5f6b9e

8mm wedding band / men's wedding ring with waterfall hammering


Item collection 8a282b4e eeb7 45a4 ae57 f96339a665af

two tone wedding band with diamonds -- artisan handmade


Item collection bfc46c8d b474 4816 83eb 9b89a574de8f

7mm wedding ring with unique hammering -- eco friendly 7mm wedding band


Item collection 82e0089c 4c34 498b a6cf b035a6ebf604

organic wedding ring -- 3mm rustic wedding band in 18k white gold


Item collection 62dfd91a 7b91 490d a8dc 9a72c969733d

his and hers rose gold wedding ring set -- matching hammered wedding bands


Item collection a8e20583 c6d9 4dcb 95a0 fca11b065eaa

2mm wedding ring -- simple domed wedding band in 21k gold


Item collection e11bd8af 882b 4d67 890e 45fa7480c40e

flush set diamond band / wedding band / artisan engagement ring


Item collection ea714000 8f30 499f 8c67 2ade9bfcb196

2mm gold wedding band -- 21k gold hammered ring for women


Item collection fd9bf539 d5be 4af9 be53 36b3d508c5d8

unique mens platinum wedding ring -- hammered platinum wedding band


Item collection 41a65705 f86b 4205 8351 fd8a1043d5eb

6mm platinum wedding band with hammered finish, hand forged


Item collection effbeb73 ea20 4b88 bdc2 295ad824cf1f

contoured wedding band -- curved 2mm wedding ring in platinum


Item collection 403eb756 9312 43e0 9acd 36ace47caa18

3mm platinum wedding band with milgrain -- flat wedding ring, handmade


Item collection aa38be17 bb57 4a87 b448 26f540d9a666

simple square cut wedding band -- 6mm gold pipe cut wedding ring


Item collection 36f92dba 20df 41f7 af22 87aeaf3729b0

matching platinum wedding bands -- unique platinum wedding ring set


Item collection 33a7cdba d67e 4fdd 962b f5ebc85b290e

organic wedding band set -- his and hers earthy wedding rings, hand hammered in 18k white gold


Item collection ffa0eea4 01d4 4535 a780 dfbe70a3f635

2.5mm textured wedding ring -- rose gold wedding band


Item collection 48ed38c8 8638 4296 8aae 91ee7c1cf3a3

hand beaten wedding band -- 6mm wedding ring in solid gold


Item collection b6c3908b 58fe 421e bb90 6b2989364f6b

comfort fit wedding band in 21k gold with hammered finish


Item collection 351bdd82 efd5 4e2b beb5 79153810b79e

unique wedding band for men or women, 7mm wide


Item collection 11a93842 a286 48f6 b09a afb43dd31623

rose gold wedding band set -- matching waterfall wedding rings


Item collection feedd03b 613e 433c 9f2a d6830b0b0e79

6mm men's milgrain wedding band, comfort fit, hand forged


Item collection 3ec48914 a72f 4afb 94ae 4c9e0c595ffb

men's white gold wedding ring / organic wedding band


Item collection 6634684e 053f 43d8 a5b3 c5a8b7eff337

thick wedding bands with waterfall hammered finish -- by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection 7b2af859 155e 4edb a9df d87c4230c013

unique artisan engagement ring with bezel set diamond


Item collection ead17292 fe83 4063 a221 20e99fe50581

2mm women's wedding ring with delicate milgrain


Item collection 96c22d11 2d9d 4517 8c23 d800e501e10b

faceted gold ring -- 3mm wedding band in recycled 18k gold


Item collection 136a04a3 18b0 4b35 941b 3e8e5b68c50f

6mm platinum wedding band with hammered finish for men or women


Item collection f1d096b7 0af6 4145 85a9 6b5aca24a213

hand hammered wedding band, handmade wedding ring -- 7mm wide


Item collection daf6cf4a 53f6 4df1 8476 0ebb746abd62

hammered diamond engagement ring -- by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection 50fd7c53 0bff 468c 8b2c aa0ef33bb061

handmade curb-link bracelet -- solid 14k gold -- by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection b17e7c79 4914 4269 8f40 c1bb7ee9098f

3mm wedding ring -- simple flat wedding band in recycled gold


Item collection 7bd5142b 6080 4331 8ea4 e9de628ad7a3

hammered gold ring -- 2.5mm wedding band for women, comfort fit


Item collection 308f5470 9470 4903 8c15 402a68ba9ac0

21k gold wedding rings -- hand forged wedding bands by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection 78d1f803 60ee 4016 91e3 1999ba406083

classic platinum and rose gold wedding band set


Item collection f57c81ee 4835 4995 9d9b 84be5081692c

18k rose gold wedding ring with waterfall hammered design -- 3mm wedding band by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection a02cf466 9606 4520 bac9 85f409d2c849

garnet ring, handmade in sterling silver


Item collection bb04fade 17c0 44c0 a915 17127a494cdf

blue sapphire half eternity band - wavy stacking ring in white gold


Item collection b2378342 048a 4ebf 8a94 ab8e61bec900

unique platinum wedding ring for women -- waterfall wedding band


Item collection e66f4a57 534b 4474 8a8a 7df5726e0719

classic gold wedding ring -- 3mm flat wedding band, handmade in 18k


Item collection fde43133 632a 4c92 9b95 949e56ce6a98

classic 4mm wedding band / comfort fit wedding ring, handmade


Item collection 7f7ec192 e97a 45a7 8333 e0ba5ac181df

platinum full round wedding ring -- 2.5mm full round wedding band


Item collection d6fdf8c5 e740 4492 8052 fa9d85c7d193

rustic wedding band -- recycled gold wedding ring by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection b02d088f 4624 401d 9048 747434ca1e5f

unique wedding ring -- hammered wedding band -- by Ravens' Refuge


Item collection 682f3ad9 da4b 4df9 86c8 2655b75a452d

4mm wedding ring -- white gold hammered wedding band


Item collection e83696fe 935b 4d09 8515 04d603da12e4

flat gold wedding band with brushed finish -- 4mm wedding ring


Item collection 19720933 3c0c 4a08 bbbf c48622e36c60

14k white gold wedding band / 6mm wedding ring for men


Item collection cd183562 c6d8 47f7 8df4 27444f2e32c1

5mm wedding band -- textured white gold wedding ring


Item collection ea49cac2 47fa 48ed 8a03 81057a2f76d4

5mm wedding band for men -- hammered with stepped edges


Item collection 0d402936 0232 4df1 8fa9 88a15fe00740

hammered white gold wedding band / 4mm wedding ring


Item collection 70edcccf 349a 47f3 bf9c 1117a79747c0

domed wedding ring for women, 2mm high dome band, artisan made


Item collection 8c9d119c 7ec4 426e b966 51d0059159f8

thin platinum wedding band -- skinny 1.5mm platinum wedding ring


hand forged wedding bands & artisan engagement rings

All of our jewelry is hand crafted by Dan, a master goldsmith and gem setter, from recycled metals and conflict-free stones. We specialize in handmade wedding rings of platinum, palladium, 14k, 18k, 21k and 22k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Thank you for visiting Ravens' Refuge!